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Artist's Epiphany

My epiphany came when I was sound asleep and, BAM, I was poked in the eye by my sleeping husband's finger! I had never imagined I could lose my sight! In that moment of pain and fear, the loudest voice screamed in my mind, an unfiltered pure thought from my heart-soul-essence: "You haven't done your life's work yet!" Immediately I knew the voice was speaking about my art, which I had put in second (or third or fourth) place all my life after my career, family, everything.

I was born a creative soul, and have had careers in creative fields. All along, when time allowed, I have taken art classes every so often, and experimented with many mediums: ceramics, watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, soft pastels, oil pastels, assemblages, collages, just to name a few. Occasionally I've shown my art, and have been fortunate to win some awards along the way. 

Now it is time for me to take my art to the next level. I am not sure where my creative path will take me, but I am willing take the risk, dive in, and see what happens. This website, along with my Facebook and Instagram pages, will share my process along the way. So please join me in this adventure!

Thanks, Honey, for the poke in the eye!

Some Basic Info:

• Born in Philadelphia, PA; currently resides in Ardmore, PA

• Grew up above my mother's antique shop

• Alumni of Germantown Friends School, Syracuse University, and Temple University

• Loves:

~ International travel and cultural experiences

~ Delicious foods of all cuisines (no to meat; yes to poultry, fish and seafood)

~ Being in and with nature, especially the woods, moving water and rocks

~ Creative expression in all its forms: music, theater, dance, happenings, video, written words, spoken words, storytelling, and, of course, visual arts

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